Compliments of the season – KVDL

Compliments of the season – KVDL

Hi All,

I wanted to get something personal on my website to start the year off before all the chaos gets started as we head into the new season!

Firstly, I wish all of you a fantastic year ahead. May it be a year where you reach new milestones in your lives and become even closer to the people that matter most in your life. Strangely enough it does feel like the older you get, the faster the year goes by! Maybe I’m the only one feeling that way but it made me adamant to really live my days to the fullest, and yes unfortunately that does mean less social media and just generally spending less time looking at an iPhone screen.

Moving on towards the 2016 racing season. It’s looking very exciting, especially for the whole Endurance racing and GT3 world. Manufacturers have really gone all out for this season, with almost every manufacturer releasing an all new version of their GT3-spec cars.

From my side, I will carry out another season as an Official Audi driver, which gives me the great pleasure of driving the all new R8 LMS around some of the world’s most historic race tracks in 2016. My full schedule has not been made official yet, and I expect to get the whole calendar by the end of January/Early February. This time of the year is generally quite a dull period for a racing driver competing in Europe, because the season only fully gets into swing in March/April.

Anyway, I can guarantee that 2016 will be one to remember and I am extremely excited to get started on another chapter of the journey. I hope that you all will be there to follow it each step of the way!

Watch this space, and here’s to a great year!


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  • Kelvin dit is en van die mooiste “season greetings” wat nog ooit gestuur. Baie dankie en mag jy ‘n “awesome” jaar het

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