19: The lucky number for Van Der Linde in Spa?

19: The lucky number for Van Der Linde in Spa?

Round 3 of the ADAC GT Masters Championship will take place at Spa-Francorchamps from 19-21 June. The race weekend will prove to be sepcial for many different reasons according to Kelvin:

It has been my dream for as long as I can remember to one day climb through Eau Rouge completely on the limit of what the car is possible of. This year a big dream comes true for me, to finally add one of the world’s greatest circuits to the list of tracks that I have raced at!

I also celebrate my 19th birthday this weekend on the Saturday, and my family if flying over from South Africa for some support, so I hope it will bring us some good fortune! I am extremely excited for a truly incredible weekend and whatever the outcome, I will truly feel blessed with the opportunity to experience so many cool things at a young age.

As always, you can always follow the race weekends on all my social media platforms. I’m quite into Instagram at the moment, so be sure to check that out: https://instagram.com/kelvinvanderlinde_com/

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