WEDNESDAY, 10.07.2013

WEDNESDAY, 10.07.2013

“I really enjoy the challenge”
Thoughts on the race at the Norisring:

There will be plenty of action in the “Franconian Monaco” this Saturday, with the Scirocco R-Cup race at the Norisring promising to be a real highlight of the season. The narrow street circuit is a guarantee for hot racing action – and gripping overtaking manoeuvres are par for the course anyway, thanks to the push-to-pass system employed in the Scirocco R-Cup. There is also an impressive list of legendary drivers competing, including the DTM champion of 1993, Nicola Larini (49), who is making his second appearance of the season, following on from his debut in Hockenheim. Can the Italian seal the deal here again and clinch his second victory? The field of starters also includes the expert endurance racer Marco Werner (47), the DTM veteran Harald Grohs (69) and Marc Duez (56), who is the three-time Belgian rally champion and one of the best sports car drivers around.

Harald Grohs

“I first drove at the Norisring back in 1973 and must have contested over 30 races there since then. Sometimes I even had three races on the same day – something youngsters today can hardly even imagine. I really enjoy the challenge of the Volkswagen Scirocco R-Cup, as I find the principle of equal opportunities and the environment great.”

Nicola Larini

“I have fond memories of the victory in the opening race of the season at the Hockenheimring. There is no doubt about it: I want to defend that win at the Norisring! I finished third there last year, so maybe I can improve on that result.”

Marco Werner

“I enjoy taking part in the Scirocco R-Cup, as it always produces some thrilling duels and a lot of overtaking manoeuvres. Furthermore, the ‘Franconian Monaco’ is always good for some hot racing action. I am looking forward to some bumper-to-bumper battles with former racing colleagues and exciting youngsters.”

Kelvin van der Linde, first overall in the Scirocco R-Cup

“Its going to be a very demanding race weekend. Street circuits generally have a lot more risk involved. I will be looking to leave the weekend still leading the championship with a solid top 3 finish in Saturday’s race. Its important for us to avoid risks this weekend, a single non-score can ruin our Championship chances. Its hard to gain a lot of points in one race, and at the same time very easy to lose everything in one race.”

Michelle Gatting, second overall in the Scirocco R-Cup

“I will obviously line up at the Norisring with the goal of competing for a place on the podium once again. Maybe I can even do enough to finish on the top step this time. For me, the race will be special for another reason: the death of Allan Simonsen in Le Mans was a great loss, particularly for Danish motorsport. He was a racing driver who was particularly willing to help young drivers with advice and steer us in the right direction.”

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