With a rich history of Motorsport success, Audi Sport, pride themselves in high quality products. In 2016 Audi aims to repeat its recent success in all forms of Endurance racing around the world, fielding a Factory team in the World Endurance Championship, DTM as well as fielding many customer teams, competing in various GT racing championships around the world.

Kelvin will continue his role as Audi South Africa brand ambassador alongside his full-time racing program as an Official Audi GT3 driver in Europe. Kelvin will be competing in the ADAC GT Masters Championship, VLN Championship and 24hr of Nurburgring amongst others.

Simtag provides Kelvin with state of the art Simulation equipment used to prepare for upcoming race events around the globe. “SimTag has enhanced my simulation experience and has helped me in particular to develop my left foot braking technique with their hydraulic pedals. It has been a key tool when learning new tracks on my racing calendar.


Stilo is Kelvin’s exclusive Helmet partner for all Sprint and Endurance races around the world. Any competition, One Helmet!


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“Nutrition is a key part of being a professional racing driver and the fact of the matter is that there are no products out there scientifically designed for Motorsport. Put simply – you have been fuelling your car with diesel instead of petrol all these years and expecting it to perform at its optimum.

For decades the drivers that we have been working with having been using nutrition supplements that have been designed for other sports. Hours are spent in the gym and at a track hoping to become a faster driver while fuelling your body with the wrong substance. Five years of development have been carried out before we at P1 Nutrition felt our products were ready to revolutionise the Motorsport world. Motorsport is a gruelling sport, were only an elite few succeed so why not give yourself the best opportunity possible. A common misconception with nutritional supplements are that they are designed only to be used by someone who resembles a Greek God. This is not the case with our range, every product is designed to be used by an athlete with any level of fitness. The only condition is that they are determined to find those elusive final tenths when it really matters.”

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The FIA Institute is an international non-profit organisation that develops and improves motor sport safety and sustainability. It leads projects that encourage the rapid development of new and improved safety technologies, that facilitate higher standards of education and training, and that raise awareness of safety and sustainability issues.

It also promotes excellence and achievement in all areas of motor sport. It has become an authoritative voice on safety, sustainability, innovation and excellence in motor sport, with regular news and features on these subjects published both on its website and in print.

The Institute was established in October 2004 by the FIA and the FIA Foundation and receives annual grants from the FIA Foundation to fund its activities. With this support, the Institute is committed to improving safety and sustainability in motor sport at all levels in every region across the world.


BMT College is a Private Higher Distance Education Institution, specialising in business management and human resources management related short courses and full qualifications.

The College has trained numerous successful business leaders and managers during their proud history of 40 years. BMT College still remains the prestigious choice for any student that wants to lead a prosperous career.

BMT College Website:

Van der Linde Developments is one of South Africa’s leading High Performance Tuners specializing in High Performance Cylinder Heads, camshafts and Dyno tuning.



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