Kelvin has built up a large amount of experience during his time spent racing in South Africa and in Europe. By working with some of the world’s top Audi engineers, Kelvin has built up a lot of skills that he would like to invest into the world of Motorsport and develop the skills of any type of racing driver, including: Rookie drivers, weekend drivers, young aspiring professional drivers.

You could spend a huge amount of money on the car, with suspension, wheels, aerodynamic parts, engine upgrades etc, which might gain you a few seconds if you know how to use their potential. But on average, a day with Kelvin can knock several seconds off your lap times (Depending on the driver). Kelvin’s aim is to make you a safer, more competent and knowledgeable driver, by understanding what is possible within the car and the driver.

“Many people can afford the most expensive cars in the world for track use, but there is no fun in driving if you don’t know how to unlock it’s full potential. My job is to teach people how to get the best possible experience out of their driving by teaching them how to be safe, comfortable to go fast and to maximise their driving experience.”

– Kelvin van der Linde

What will I learn from Kelvin?

– How to push yourself and the car to the limit in a safe and comfortable way.
– Positioning of the car on track.
– Weight transfer and how it affects the handling.
– Oversteer and understeer, what they are and how to correct or solve them.
– When to apply the power and how this affects the overall corner speed and balance of the car.
– Trail braking, when and how hard to brake and the transition of braking force throughout the braking zone.
– Racing lines, for dry and a wet track.
– Vision and how important it is to be looking through the corner.
– Heel and Toe, for downshifting properly.
– Individual track secrets, which would normally take years of experience to find out.
+ many more basic and advanced track/racing techniques.

Why use Kelvin?

– Vast experience in Front-Wheel Drive and Rear-Wheel Drive cars
– Professional coaching skills developed at the FIA Academy
– Highly knowledgeable on a safe Motorsport environment (Global Ambassador for the FIA Action for Road Safety)
– Skilled data experience developed by working hand in hand with Audi engineers around the world
– Setup development experience developed across 15 years in Motorsport
– Insight into the Motorsport ladder and how to make it to the top of a given discipline

What car should I use?

Any road going or race car can be used on the racetrack. You don’t need a fast car to learn new driving techniques because the underlying concept applies to all cars.


Costs vary depending on the car used during coaching and the track time. (E.g Race weekend or Single test day)

If you would like more information, have any questions or need to book something, please contact Kelvin directly: [email protected]

Kelvin supports FIA’s action for road safety. Kelvin encourages everyone to always wear a seatbelt and to never text and drive!


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